Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Born Free

"Born Free" M.I.A.

This video(more mini movie at eight minutes) has some extremely violent and intense images, but I feel that it's relevant. While you watch picture people you look like you. More of my thoughts on it later, but please feel free to post any comments that you have. Let's start a conversation....


Goldi gold said...

The video is raw. But in this day and time you can put videos out like that because you know there's going to be a audience online to make it viral. Back in the days you had N.W.A and Ice T going str8 at the cops with their videos. Onyx throwing their gunz in the air. M.o.p how about some hardcore. Ghetto boys my mind playing tricks and even some early 2 pac joints etc, etc, etc ,where you didn't have online to spread the word. it was really word of mouth from the little air play the video got. I know the visuals and concept of the born free videos is dope. But the lyrics kinda of lose me at least back in the days the verbals match the video to a T. but i still give her props for making a statement with that joint