Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Thoughts on Superheros

No one will play Captain Save-a-Hoe for you forever. Not even the people you love most. It's not personal. The realization of this truth may hurt and you may feel let down but the sooner you understand this very important fact of life, the better off you will be. Find your own cape. Make your own superhero weapons. Don't surround yourself with sidekicks, there is no equality in that. Form your own Justice League. Great minds think alike, as do lesser ones. If you find yourself constantly explaining yourself to someone that "knows" you, STOP! They weren't listening in the first place. In the end YOU are the only safety net you have. The strongest grappling hook is the one made by your own hand and forged in your own fire . Learn how and when to use it so when the time comes it won't backfire like the coyote's acme products. Anyone can fire a gun and get lucky, but only a warrior can weld a sword. Be your own superhero