Friday, July 17, 2009

It's Not What They Say, It's What They Do

I'm flipping through the channels one day and Jackie Brown is on TNT or FX. One of those channels that's like a middle child; older than someone but not quite the big cheese. I'm not really a fan of watching some movies on these channels because let's face it the cussing does make it better, but I was bored and considering my other choices,(reruns of the bottom of the barrel reality shows and some amalgamation of all the shows on the Disney Channel)Jackie Brown won by a landslide.
While I'm doing my best to imagine the actors are saying motherfucker instead of mickeyficky when I realize they've been saying nigger the whole time. What the fuck? I've seen the real version so I know that the word nigger is in the script( alot). That isn't what bothers me( I worked out my feelings about Quintine Tarintino and the word nigger a long time ago). It bothers me that the word shit isn't ok for tv, but nigger is. After I turned the tv off I wondered who was in charge of what is deemed "inappropriate" for tv. In my mind's eye I saw a roomful of white men. While I'm sure white men aren't the only people who work for the FCC, I'm pretty sure that they are the people who are in charge of the decision-making.
Which brings me to my second thought( yes, this blog does have a point). I was watching Erykah Badu on an awards show(probably Essence or BET) and at the end of her performance she throws up the black power fist. In the middle of me thinking "that's what's up Erykah" I notice that first the camera man pans waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy out then he crops the shot so only her arm from the wrist down is showing. I notice the same thing when Common and Nas preform. Again another tv viwing wtf moment.
I find it curious that I live in a country where the powers that be feel that the black power fist and Janet Jackson's breast is inappropriate(maybe that big ass nipple ring was but not the breast in general) but the word nigger is not. One could pull in the argument that black(and brown) people call each other nigga and it's ok for them to say it to each other so what's the big deal, why not put it on tv. Everyone can't do everything. This maybe contradictory but it's my blog so I can say what I want. I don't feel that it is acceptable to show a white man calling a black person a nigger on tv. It makes me feel like somebody might think it's kosher to call me a nigger on the street just because they've seen/heard it done on FX.
In 2010 we have a black President but the KKK still marches in Stone Mountain. It's acceptable for women who look like me to be shown shaking their asses, but these same women damn sure better not get on national television and show solidarity with a group of people that are still deemed "terrorists". I don't think anyone at the FCC is reading my blog(or maybe they are), I'm calling them out. Don't tell me that your saving my kids from the inappropriateness of the word "fuck" but turn around and call them niggers.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In Good Time...

I know I haven't posted anything since 07 but I'm working on it. Genius can't be rushed. Plus I have a 16 month old and she moves fast. Catch me on the rebound, more good ish to come.