Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Fruit

The earth has been tilled. The seed planted. How does one go from being a self absorbed girl who sees the world in terms of I to being a woman who nurtures, heals, protects and is able to give unceasingly? I'm scared, not just of the physical pain but of what I've been intrusted to do. Did the Creator mean me? I see my life slipping away and I'm afraid. It's all I know. Shaking, I'm holding my life out in exchange for what I know will be so much more. More then just me, bigger then what I have now, but still what I have is all I know. But I ain't no punk bitch. I've never ran from shit and it's too late in life for me to start now. I land on my feet like a black cat. The earth has been tilled and the seed planted. Soon the fruit will yield and it will GOOD.


Chana said...

Hey KiKi.
I like your "Good Fruit" piece. It kind of resonates with where I am today--except, I haven't quite made that step out of self absorption totally.. as I find saying goodbye a little more difficult than expected.

I read a few of your other pieces on your page, and some of it made me laugh. Thanks.
I needed that today.

Thanks for joining my blog page too.
holla later,